Famara – Lanzarote

Famara is the best beach in Lanzarote for many reasons. It is the best beach for surfing.

Caleta de Famara was a small traditional fishing village in the 60s. Today, Famara is one of the most popular places to surf in the Canary Islands.


It is located in the Chinijo Archipelago, a magical spot from where one can amire La Graciosa island.


Famara beach has more than 5 km of fine sand beach and is surrounded by a stunning cliff that makes this place unique.  


It belongs to the municipality of Teguise, 30km distance from the airport.  

Famara can be seen differently depending on whether it is low tide or high tide. When the tide is low, one can see puddles in the sand where the sun reflects creating a magical scene. When the tide is high, the sand is covered by the sea and the waves reach the weathered volcanic rocks.   

About Caleta Famara

  • Municipality: Teguise
  • Type of sand: Fine clean
  • Distance from the airport: 30km
  • Services: Parking, restaurants and supermarkets
  • Sports: Surf, kitesurf, bodyboard and windsurf

Surfing in Famara

Famara beach is perfect for surfing and is one of the most popular places to practice this sport in the island. The fact that it is not overcrowded, even in the peak tourist season, along with its length and its waves and wind, make this beach a perfect place not only for surfing but also for practising other sports such as windsurf, bodyboard or kitesurf. [symple_spacing size=”30″]

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You can surf in Famara all year round. In addition, Famara is well signposted and has supermarkets, restaurants and parking.

This is how learning to surf in Famara looks like


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