Surfcamps and Summer Camps in Lanzarote 2022
(Famara Beach)

It is the ideal time to enjoy our Surf camps through our Summer Camp 2022 🩱 🩳 .


The summer season is approaching along with the summer holidays in Spain, and it is at that precise moment when we get the surfing bug in our heads.

Who wouldn’t like to feel the contact with the salty water and 🌊 the sea breeze 🌬️ in this hot period 🥵?


We offer you the possibility to take the best surf courses in Lanzarote, Famara.

Which would be the best surfing destination in SpainSouth or North? 

The further south you go, the warmer the days will be, the warmer the sea water will be and above all your mood will improve 😎!

Campamento playa 2021
Campamentos surf playa 2021

The Canary Islands in the Summer period is undoubtedly the recommended place for surf lovers and summer camps.


There are plenty of low-cost travel offers with Ryanair or Vueling ✈️, so by looking for flights in good time you can get good deals to travel to our surf school in Lanzarote, Playa de Famara 🏝️.


Come to the Canary Islands this summer 🏖️ to have fun with the surf camps that we offer in our surf school famara, here the temperatures 🌡️ during this period are usually around 28°/20° so the weather satisfaction is almost guaranteed. 👍🏻

The best proposal for your camps in the Canary Islands.


On the island of Lanzarote (Playa de Famara), surf school with courses for all levels and a comfortable surf house right on the beach.

Alojamiento Surf Semana Santa famara

Four surf camps to choose from

    Packages of surf courses + accommodation in the Famara reserve:

Surfcamp for beginners


If you have never done a surf course before, this is the right camp for you.


The healthy initiation camp includes: accommodation 100 metres from the beach of Famara, 2 hours of lessons per day, transport to the beach, all the material, diploma, photo analysis and free photos (from the five day courses) and activities in the afternoons oriented to continue learning to surf in our gym with the Drysurf, Gyroboards and bosus.

surf camp iniciacion semana santa
surfcamp iniciacion semana santa escuela surf

Intensive surf camp for beginners


If you have already taken several lessons at a surf school and you feel you already know the basics and don’t want to start from scratch, this is the camp for you.


The intensive camp includes: accommodation 100 metres from the beach of Famara (Surf house) 4 hours of lessons per day, transport to the beach, all the material, diploma, photos, 1 Drysurf session and photo correction (from the five day courses).

surfcamp famara en semana santa
campamento de surf iniciacion semana santa

Intermediate Surfcamp


If you have already been to several schools, know how to surf enough to catch the wave from the break before it breaks and ride the wall of the wave left and right, the odd turn but with little confidence and want to keep progressing, this would be the level for you!


The intermediate surf camp includes: accommodation in the surf house 100 metres from the beach of Famara, 2 hours of lessons per day for experienced surfers, transport to the beach, all the material for your entire holiday, diploma and photos (from the five-day courses) and afternoon activities aimed at continuing to learn to surf in our gym with the Drysurf, Gyroboards and bosus.

Free Riders Surfcamp


If you already know how to surf or if you like to be self-taught and learn to surf on your own, this is the camp for you!


The surf camp includes: accommodation within the nature reserve and 100 metres from Famara beach and all the necessary equipment (cork boards for beginners or epoxy boards for advanced surfers) 3 x 2 full body wetsuit (you can change boards 3 times a week).

semana santa surf playa en famara
surf semana santa alquiler tablas de surf
canarias vacaciones semana santa surf camp
surf school semana santa entrenamiento

Surf and yoga camp in Lanzarote


You also have the possibility to book yoga classes to include in any of the surcamps with our teacher Sandra.

descuentos escuela de yoga y surf

The surf school Quiksilver & Roxy in Lanzarote (your official school of the Canarian surf federation) one of the most prestigious in the Canary Islands and Spain.



Surf school


We offer surf courses for all levels, adults and children, and if you prefer you can arrange your own accommodation in the different hotels in Lanzarote and we can pick you up from your accommodation.

Calima surf camp with more than twenty years of experience is one of the most prestigious surf camps in the Canary Islands and Spain. We assure you that you will learn to surf in an easy, safe and fun way if you decide to come to our special surf camp during the Summer holidays, you will also stay in our surf house located in the natural reserve of Famara, the jewel of Lanzarote, a magical place where you will meet lots of new people and with one of the best beaches in Spain for surfing initiation.


We have very good instructors with years of experience with whom we guarantee that with the programme (7 nights + 5 days of lessons) you will learn or else you can have free surf lessons until you reach your surfing level target, this Easter you can’t miss the Calima surf camp!

escuela de surf

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