Yoga and Surfing

Do you know how Yoga benefits your surfing?

Just as in surfing, yoga requires discipline, control of the body, personal growth and self-knowledge. Yoga advocates reaching one’s essence and discovering what’s beyond what we already know about ourselves (more than all we imagine) through the body.


Yoga is suitable for everyone. It is a lifestyle and can complement any sport. For this reason, we combine Surf and Yoga in Famara Beach in order for you to improve your quality of life and to better prepare your body for surfing in terms of flexibility and agility. Yoga will considerably improve your surfing skills.


Bio Yoga will help you learn how to make simple changes in your life that will bring significant results. You’ll be able to better connect with your heart and your muscles and to feel the strength and energy within yourself. This modality of Yoga is inspired in Biodecoding. It provides your body with greater vitality, it helps it heal and, in essence, it helps you feel better.


Hatha Vital Yoga combines the best of Hatha and Yoga Flow. This blend will help you calm your mind by balancing it, reduce breathing and improve your lung capacity.

You’ll be able to better feel all your muscles through different stretches. In the sessions, you’ll do warming up workouts that will help your sport performance. You’ll also train and strengthen your inner muscles and your back


This is the oldest modality of Yoga. It comes from India and is considered a sacred discipline that covers all other branches of Yoga. With this dynamic type of Yoga you can work on every aspect of the human being. It will completely transform your body, internally and externally. Thanks to Kundalini Yoga, you’ll be able to detect your weaknesses in order to strengthen them. It will improve your nervous system to help you better deal with daily stress and it will provide your body with more flexibility.

How are Yoga sessions structured?


Yoga sessions are taught by Sandra and they begin with several body postures focused on warming up the body, specially joints: ankles, knees, wrists, psoas, groins, neck and shoulders.


Then comes the initial Mantra followed by some conscious breathing that enables the connection with our inner self. The practice combines Ashtanga dynamic positions with other exercises focused on improving body alignement and chest opening thanks to Iyengar Yoga.


The session ends in Savasana, a complete mind and body relaxation guided by the mantra sung by Sandra.

What does the session include?

Just €15/session

-Offer 3 days €30 –
*With the SurfCamp packs from 5 nights you can request to try a free yoga class.
yoga y surf en famara

How long is the session?

1 hour session

canarias yoga y surfing

Is the material included?

Material needed (mat, bands, pads)

yoga en playa lanzarote

How much is the session?

Price: €15/session

About your instructor

clases de yoga y surf

“One of the last masters with whom I practiced Ashtanga tought me a key concept: One in life must learn how to let go, how not to attatch to anything or anyone and how to live here and now.


Daily practice of yoga Lanzarote and meditation is essential for me to move my inner energy and focus it in the right direction in order to achieve my goals.


Mind is everything and being able to control it is powerful, even if the path is long and difficult.


Yoga is a constant discipline. It’s my primary essence, what teaches about simplicity, sharing and the need of a return to perceive oneself every day.”


Sandra Bosic


Come and live this wonderful experience with her!

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